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Familiarize yourself with the courses below:

  • PRO course (4-5 hours; ~ 40 km) is designed for athletes who train regularly and who search for a bigger challenge to take part in. Participants of this course are expected to have competed in outdoor sports competitions and have good navigation skills.
  • FUN course (2-4 hours; ~ 20 km) in created for those who are new to the sport of adventure racing and/or search for optimal exercise and adventure experience ratio. Participants of this course do not need to have any special skills, - general ability to ride a bike, ski, and navigate with the help of a map is sufficient.



*Should a woman group have less than 5 teams - the teams will be transfered to MIX group.

FUN course limit – 250 teams. PRO course limit – 100 teams.

The registration fees will vary according to the schedule below:

Winter Challenge 2019 registration fees